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Sample Course

This is a sample course for those wishing to evaluate the possibilities Moodle  offers when integrated with others tools to facilitate synchronous and asynchronous learning and teaching, along with visual and acessibility features.

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Teaching Remote

This course is meant to be a good  experience in collaboration, sharing and caring for one another, whilst together we examine the foundations of teaching systems and skills, within the framework of online teaching and learning.

DELTA | Module 1

By the end of this course, you'll be able to critically evaluate teaching and reference materials and a range of resources in a range of contexts. You will also increase your knowledge of the role and methods of assessment.

DELTA | Module 3

The module focuses on broadening the candidates’ knowledge of a chosen specialism and developing their understanding of syllabus design, testing and assessment.

This course aims are:

  1. To enable candidates to develop their knowledge in relation to a selected ELT specialism
  2. To develop candidates’ knowledge of ELT curriculum and syllabus design principles and apply this knowledge to a context and an actual learner or group of learners to whom they have access
  3. To develop candidates’ critical awareness of syllabuses and courses and implications for the selected specialism
  4. To develop candidates’ skills in the design and implementation of syllabuses and courses in relation to the selected specialism
  5. To develop candidates’ critical awareness of types and methods of assessment in relation to the selected specialism
  6. To apply candidates’ knowledge and understanding of assessment to the production of a form of assessment for the selected specialism
  7. To enable candidates to synthesise all of the above and present a coherent account of the project to a third party readership