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Digital Tools

Learn principles, tips and tricks behind several online tools and resources to improve your delivery of online classes, including Zoom, Wordwall, Peer Deck, Wooclap etc...

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Ana Baña

Digital Materials Development 101

In this course you will learn how to create (author) digital materials for the classroom which are shareable, reusable and highly interactive.
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Business English B1/B2

Business English B1/B2 offers business professionals loads of communication and language practice, helping students develop relevant communication skills they can use immediately in the workplace.

Fabio Berrogain

Teaching Remote

This course you will examine the foundations of teaching language systems and skills within the framework of online teaching and learning, together with various tools and resources.

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The English verb

Examine the intricacies behind the verb tense system in English and understand how to use it once and for all.
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Agnete Silva

Phonology Toolkit 1

Understand how the phonology of English relates to other systems such as grammar and vocabulary and how to go beyond individual sounds if you are to have an intelligible accent.
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Paulo Abreu

Cambridge Proficiency

Preparation course for Cambridge Proficiency, for teachers.
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Ana BañaAgnete Silva

Sample Course

This is a sample course for those wishing to evaluate the possibilities Moodle  offers when integrated with others tools to facilitate synchronous and asynchronous learning and teaching, along with visual and acessibility features.

Paulo AbreuPaulo Admin

DELTA | Module 1

By the end of this course, you'll be able to critically evaluate teaching and reference materials and a range of resources in a range of contexts. You will also increase your knowledge of the role and methods of assessment.

DELTA | Module 3

DELTA module 3 broadens your knowledge of a chosen specialism and develops your understanding of syllabus design, testing and assessment.

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